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Elsa (Elsa Jean) and her boyfriend (Michael Vegas) come home from a night out and head straight to the bedroom. The two lovers waste no time gettingting busy and Michael soon has his face buried in his girlfriend’s crotch. As Michael licks and tongues Elsa’s swollen snatch, she can’t help but moan loud enough for her roommate (Paige Owens) to hear. Paige quietly opens the bedroom door and once again sneaks-a-peek. As Elsa and Michael lick, suck and fuck their way to ecstasy, Paige fingers herself to orgasm, once again leaving drops of womanly juices on the floor. After Michael cums on Elsa’s derriere, the two lovers look up and discover a half-dressed Paige at the doorway. Pleasantly surprised, Elsa and Michael smile at Paige as she lingers at the doorway. She playfully flashes a smile and a wave goodnight as the door closes.

Elsa Jean is nothing less than a little fuck doll that has come to life! Her sweet face and big green eyes scream innocence, but this little gal has an inner pervert that she loves to unleash on big, hard, cocks!

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Date: April 6, 2022

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